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As business owners you are ultimately responsible for signing off accounts and making decisions within your business.

Our aim is to assist you to make informed and proactive decisions – often based on financial information (ie should you make a pension contribution before the year end to save corporation tax and what impact will that have on your cashflow?).

However, a lot of business owners are really good at what they do, but don’t always understand a profit and loss, balance sheet or cashflow. It’s therefore important to educate yourself on the finances of your business (our Taking Control of Your Finances package is a great place to start this education process of knowing your numbers).

Whilst you can benefit from regular meetings to discuss your figures, there are also lots of questions that you may have that relate to all businesses

How do I do ….. in Xero?
What is gross profit (and why is it so important)?
What impact does pricing and discounting have on my earnings?
How do I pay myself efficiently?
Should I get an electric car?

As such, there are a host of blogs and vlogs on various topics which can help you to improve your understanding of your finances, get to know your numbers (in conjunction with partnering with ourselves) therefore allowing you to make informed and proactive decisions about your business (rather than going with your gut and then worrying whether or not you’ve made the right decision).