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lives better

Our core ethos of Making Lives Better doesn’t just relate to our clients and our team members. It applies on a broader, sometimes global, scale too.

on a

global scale

If you have more cash in your business, you can grow your team or spend more with other businesses. There is a knock-on effect, and it’s our belief that small changes can have a huge impact elsewhere.

That’s why giving is part of our day-to-day business. Whether it is donations to a local foodbank, time off work to give blood, or our partnership with the global business giving initiative B1G1, the approach is the same –to make lives better.

This is particularly significant with our B1G1 (Buy 1 Give 1) partnership. Through this initiative, 100 per cent of all giving is passed on to selected projects across the globe, meaning that all money raised goes to where it is most needed. Small donations can make huge differences, and there was no better example than the B1G1 gift we made of more than 500 years’ worth of clean water as a thank you for clients submitting their personal tax return information to us early.